2021 Merlot Rockway Vineyards
2021 Merlot Rockway Vineyards

2021 Merlot

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Place is paramount in quality winemaking and the source of the grapes used to create this lush and lovely red wine is where the story begins. Sourced from mature Merlot grapes in the Kirby Vineyards of Niagara-on-the-Lake where the clay till and sandy loam soils are rich in calcium, sodium, and magnesium giving the wine a structured, balanced acidity.

The fruit driven aromas of plum are textbook characteristics of the raw grapes while the notes of clove and vanilla spice are from the aging in French oak barrels. The wine will take time to develop and marry the aromas and flavours so, don’t begin to open this wine until it is at least five years old.

In Bordeaux, the grape is used in blends to bring softness to Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. As a well-made wine from 100% mature Merlot grapes you will understand how this grape is able to easily stand on its own, like at the world renowned right banked Bordeaux producer, Pétrus. Our recommendation is to purchase more than one bottle, as we bottled only 139 cases, and taste them at different points not less than one year apart beginning in 2026. Make tasting notes each time you open one recording the dates and review and compare your notes to discover the evolution of this quality red wine.

Food Pairing Notes:

Pairs well with Chilean empanadas made with spicy beef as well as barbequed spare ribs or holiday turkey. The full ripe fruit and seductive style to this smooth red wine can also be enjoyed with grilled tuna or comfort foods like a beef stew.

Technical Notes

PH: 3.52

Total Acidity: 6.42 g/L

ALCOHOL: 14.0%



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