Pinot Noir

Known as the red grape of Burgundy, Pinot Noir performs best in cool climate regions. While this variety can be difficult to cultivate, Ontario has had great success producing amazing Pinot Noirs. This grape is used in a wide range of styles including sparkling, Rosé, and red table wine. Pinot Noir is a very transparent variety and easily communicates differences in terroir even between adjacent blocks in neighbouring vineyards.   

Pinot Noir produces a pale coloured, translucent red wine that is light to medium bodied. Typical flavours of fresh red fruits such as cheery, cranberry and raspberry can be found on the fore front with earthy notes of mushroom, dried leaves, and truffles. Secondary notes of clove and vanilla come from oak aging. The tannins are light to medium with a medium acidity level. Pinot Noir will benefit with age.  

Wines produced from this variety: