Pinot Gris

This white wine producing variety is a genetic mutation of the beloved Pinot Noir and has been around since the Middle Ages originating in France’s Burgundy region. It was discovered that growing conditions in Burgundy for this variety were not favourable, so Alsace became the new home for this variety. After spreading into Germany and Switzerland and Northern Italy it took on several new names, including Pinot Grigio, which it is mostly known as today. This is the 4th most planted white wine variety in Ontario, favoured for its ability to grow well in cooler climates, early ripening, and high sugars.  Pinot Gris is one of the darkest skinned white wine grapes with colours ranging from grey-blue to brownish pink. The resulting wine is often deep golden and can even have a coppery tone.   

Like most varieties, Pinot Gris can vary depending on the region in which its grown and the winemaking style. Typical notes of this variety are apple, pear, stone fruits such as nectarine and peach as well as citrus and melon. Styles can range from light to dry full-bodied wines. The lighter styles tend to have a crisp refreshing taste with a hint of spice while the medium to full bodied have more of a balanced acidity and spicy perfume. Pinot Gris also lends itself nicely to oak, this is more typical in the full-bodied styles.   

Wines produced from this variety:  

  • Pinot Gris