Windows on Rockway

Where Gourmet Meets Comfort.

From rolling vineyards to rolling fairways, the stunning view of our exceptional property is the perfect backdrop for our guests to enjoy a remarkable dining experience at Windows on Rockway, Patio 19, The "Golfers'" Patio, and Garden.

Fri - Sat 11am - 8pm | Sun & Thurs 11am - 5pm

Date Nights At Rockway Are Back with Two Can Dine for $99 on Fridays.

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Windows on Rockway



The "Golfers'" patio offers a spacious dining venue, in a wonderful setting for our members and public to enjoy. The main patio is charming, highlighting the beautiful views of the escarpment and golf course at Rockway Vineyards, and able to seat up to 100 people. 

The second patio, Patio 19, seats up to 60 people and overlooks the gorgeous finishing hole, water feature, and newly-debuted Wine Garden. It's a perfect spot for picnics and wine tasting.