Wine of the Month: 2016 Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc

Wine of the Month: 2016 Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc - Rockway Vineyards

August is a wonderful month to be in wine country. The days remain long and night offers welcome cool breezes. August also tends to be drier than the other summer months. The weather makes it the perfect time for a bicycle tour of Niagara wineries, long sessions outdoor on a patio with your favourite wine or sneaking in an additional 9 holes on golf courses in Niagara.

That's why Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect choice for wine this month. This wine is refreshing after a day cycling or golfing in the sun and has layers of tasting notes to keep you interested after the first glass is done. Read more about our 2016 Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc, released just this summer, our August Wine of the Month.

Niagara Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a green grape varietal known for its pale colour. Other than Niagara, it is also grown in Canada in British Columbia and some parts of Nova Scotia. Niagara has developed a reputation of developing excellent Sauvignon Blancs and we are proud to submit Rockway Vineyards' and David Stasiuk's take on this variety. Niagara wines of this varietal are known for their wide variety of tasting notes on the palate, from bright citrus to herbaceous flavours. Like many Niagara grapes, Sauvignon Blanc has been featured in Niagara ice wine.

Rockway Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc

Our Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc has notable citrus qualities compared to other Sauvignon Blancs. On the nose it features lemon rind, gooseberry and fresh cut hay. Upon sipping, you'll notice pineapple, citrus fruits and ripe melon. It has a opulent, dry palette. Its medium finish (and 12.5% alcohol content) ensure you can enjoy a couple of glasses one after another. 

“Sauvignon Blanc was the highlight of my 2010 harvest in Marlborough, NZ. By chance, some stunning Sauvignon Blanc fruit fell into our hands. This is my expression, inspired by New Zealand, crafted in Ontario.” - David Stasiuk, Winemaker

Try it with baked white fish, shrimp cocktail or your homemade summer salad.