Rosé, Gewurztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc: Meet Rockway Vineyards' New Class of 2016

Rosé, Gewurztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc: Meet Rockway Vineyards' New Class of 2016 - Rockway Vineyards

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Rockway Vineyards has released three new vintages this summer, all of which are available for purchase in our wine store or by phone or email order. What these wines have in common is that they are great for summer sipping, whether in the sun or at the dinner table with all your favourite fresh dishes.

Rockway Vineyards and our winemaker David Stasiuk are always striving to inject new interpretations of classic vintages and provide more premium wines at affordable prices. These three new wines have accomplished those goals. Find out more about each below.




2016 Small Lot Gewurztraminer

Gewurztraminer grapes are made to be grown in cooler climates, such as that of the Niagara Peninsula. We have produced some great Gewurztraminers in the past, and our 2016 lives up to this standard. What sets this vintage apart from other Gewurz wines, like our award-winning 2013, which is still available, is its crispness. Typically these wines have a more oily mouthfeel. The floral and lychee tasting notes and medium acidity will pair perfectly with your authentic Indian and Thai curries, or with fresh sliced tropical fruit.



2016 Small Lot Sauvignon Blanc (VQA)

Sauvignon Blanc wines are known for being crisp, dry and refreshing. Niagara has become globally famous for producing quality wines of this grape varietal. Our 2016 version will evoke thoughts of walking through an orchard in full flower. Bright aromas of lemon rind, gooseberry and fresh cut hay, with a palette of pineapple, citrus fruits and riple melon. Grab a bottle today to pair with baked white fish, shrimp or fresh summer salads.

2016 Rosé (VQA)

Rosé is truly the wine of summer. Once a specialty or niche wine, these wines are soaring in popularity and once our 2016 Rosé hits your lips, it won't be hard to understand why. This Pinot Noir and Riesling cross provides up front aromas of strawberry and rhubarb with subtle hints of bay leaf or a savoury sachet medley. The palate is of bright red fruit. Try on a patio with charcuterie or your favourite flatbread pizza. But get yours soon: only 150 cases of this beautiful wine have been produced.

We produce small lot wines at Rockway Vineyards. This allows us to focus on the craft of winemaking and produce excellent quality wines. Since 2010, David Stasiuk has been Rockway's winemaker, taking a minimalist approach to winemaking, letting each wine and each vintage speak for themselves. His style can be described as a balance of Old World techniques and New World technology. The only downside to our small lot, craft wines? They don't last long! So be sure to order your case today.